Black Panther Zone

Experience the world of T'Challa and Wakanda at the Black Panther experience zone by Marvel Studios!

Amazon Prime Video Zone

Experience an exciting Amazon Prime Video Zone with engaging experiences from The Grand Tour Season 2, The Tick and The Man in the high castle.

Transformers Zone

Immerse yourself in the world of Autobots and Decepticons!

Star Wars: Last Jedi Zone

Drop by the awesome Star Wars: The Last Jedi zone and pledge allegiance to the Light or Dark side!

Mountain Dew Gaming Truck

Mountain Dew gaming truck is a completely customized gaming rig where fans can enjoy video games in a totally cool and rugged experience.

360 VR Dome

Experience the world VR in a completely new manner with a gearless technology.

AXN Live R.E.D. Zone

Experience SherlockBreakingBadVikingRayDonovan, The Voice at the AXN Live R.E.D Zone

ESL India Premiership 2017

Catch the winter season finale of ESL India Premiership as finalists battle it out!

Manga Planet

Booth #136 & #137


Booth #141 & #148

DC Comics, Dark Horse & Vertigo by Penguin Random House India

Booth #70, #71 & #72

Viz Media By Simon and Schuster

Booth #62 & #63

Crossword Bookstores

Booth #59 & #60

The Souled Store

Booth #11 & #12


Brice is the mind and the pen behind Uglysweater, a comic about everything Desi. While Brice sees UglySweater as a great opportunity to make fun of his Gujarati wife, his comic is primarily a love letter to India, and to all the amazing Desi people in his life.

Kokila Bhattacharya

Kokila Bhattacharya is an artist,  illustrator, activist, social entrepreneur and a writer with a special knack in visual storytelling. Her work at Comic Con this year will be around breaking gender binaries, human rights, lucid dreaming, music, philosophy, musings and poetry.

Pari Shah

She's a 18 year old Fashion Student interested in a spectrum of artistic fields, body painting being one of many.

Shreya Bhatia

Shreya Bhatia is a visual artist based in New Delhi. Her art represents chaos and and a colourful riot of confusion. Her partner 'Misinterpret' and her create digital art together.

Sugandha Tyagi

A self taught artist and a graphic designer by profession, I've been deeply influenced by movies, music, art and travel. My experiments with art have led me to create quirky designs on canvas.

Himesh Mohan

Himesh Mohan is an artist and believer of light and power who portrays and tries to achieve the same for divine exposure through his designs and work. Nmah (नमः) his art series, inculcate the roots of light and love towards the prime power which we all have inside us.

Nikita Das Gupta

An Artist from Bangalore who has been painting for the last several years. Every painting has a hidden meaning to it, not necessarily to be understood but something that would remain even.

Eugene Joseph

Aged  22 , Amol from Mumbai is a cartoonist who is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics.

Amol Laxman Koli

Aged  22 , Amol from Mumbai is a cartoonist who is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics.

Rohan Bhatia

Rohan Bhatia is a visual artist and an illustrator based in Mumbai. He generally paints with acrylics and has a unique style.

Reshmi Chandrashekhar

I’m a 22 year old architect from Bangalore. ‘Curiosity Kills The Cat’ is a doodle series I started and the post-work hobby turned into a full-time job pretty soon. My art is themed around today’s pop culture- Music, Movies, TV Shows and Books.